ULTRA Architettura is a Rome based firm arising from the partnership of Emanuela Ortolani, Michela Romano and David Vecchi. Since their common university career at Sapienza in Rome, they have established a compact core that faces every task with similar assumptions, according to which each project is conceived as a narrative sequence open to new formations, but always based on the need of a solid argument. As well as a wider vision allows to face every problem whit flexibility in relation to its specific factors, in the same way having a well-structured base makes possible to create a valid logical succession. Through this approach you do not want to pursue an architecture that is only consequential or paradigmatic, rather you want to interpose a critical distance that can favor disparity in virtue of function and context. The architecture speaks, communicates with the space, changes the relationship between people and the city. Each project is an opportunity to explore the ways through which the form and the social role of architecture measure themselves and to investigate languages that can be adaptable to the contemporary. They have been participating in several competitions, gaining awards and mentions, such the first prize in  Europan 12 and the recent one obtained for participation in the Moroccan pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennale.