Housing in the Desert

The word “desert” derives from the Latin word desertum, composed of the particle “de” that assigns a negative sense to the verb serere, that means to connect, to tie, stating an entity that doesn’t have a connection point, empty, uninhabited. The triangular shape’s iconicity, that recalls strength and stability’s characteristic in relation to the desert’s  power, performs a landmark’s function and, at the same time, denies itself letting disclose an unexpected feature. It’s an enclosure that embraces the desert, allowing it to permeate itself and to be modified by it, the depth of which becomes space of life. Everything in a landscape, as well as in everything in life, is based on change, on relativity, and on the passing of time. It is a monument to the sky and to the sun, evocation of the passing of the seasons and time. A vantage point of infinity.