14. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

Travertine, a natural stone that stands out for its monumentality and timelessness, manifests the will of a figurative research in which the matter is a source of poetical intentions. The tangible substance of travertine, its grain, porosity and usage, show analogies and differences, suggesting the persistence and evolution of the inner linguistic properties of the technological culture of the project. A mysterious assonance develops between the continuity of architectonic surface and the discontinuity of the porous fabric of travertine. That which seems, from a distance, continuous and homogeneous, on closer inspection reveals its geological, porous nature, through the multiplicity of various shape, size and position’s pores. It is our gaze on it that makes the difference.

Realization of the model:
Corneli s.r.l. – I Sassi di Assisi

Video editor: Gabriele Centin
Videomaker: Mauro Piccinini
Thanks to Emanuele Fortunati


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