Today's Wonder

Genova is wrapped between the sea and the mountains. As a vein it creeps into the land. The Forts guard it from the top. The district INA-Casa Forte Quezzi is the outpost of untouched territory, which is anchored by the power of its message. It said faith and heroism. Not the landscape, but the city has misunderstood it, beleaguered it, thrown it out. A connection between Forte Quezzi and the city exists, but it needs a new code, through which reconciling the continuity of the parts (space) and of the history, in which their construction has ensued (time). A code that travels along a means made by time and space, communicating a new message: “I’m here. Come”. It says: “Today”.
This would be a little guide to discover the wonder of the city.

With: Claudia Bernardini, Valentina Frasghini, Paola Ricciardi