Grand Stade de Tétouan

The project for the Teoutan new stadium responds to the main requirement of economy required for the construction of the structure, trying to implement a combination between structure inspired on basic concepts and architecture  interpreted as element, without giving up the relationship with the landscape.
The stadium , set on a rectangular plan , is composed of a series of large structural bays that are repeated in modular way along the entire perimeter of the building . The compositional logic lends itself spontaneously to the use of prefabricated reinforced concrete, that seems the easiest and cheapest way to build the facility.
The project also includes the reorganization of surrounding areas through a study of the access roads and the concentration of the parking lots on a green area to avoid impactive expanses of asphalt . With the same purpose, it was decided to create a park around the stadium, which also helps to reduce the impact of noise from the near highway.